Friday, August 17, 2007

Catching Up with Millie

I am so sorry it has taken me such a good while to post, but Gerti and I have been really busy. You know, we had that whirlwind weekend in Birmingham. We are planning an extensive trip to Independence, TX to tour and report on the Texas Baptist Museum. Ya got to know where you came from to know where you are going and on first look at the past by peeking through the museum window, we have no place else to go but up. At first glance the museum seems to be a bulletin board, potholders, and some dusty 6 foot tables. I know there is a good story there and finding that story looks to be a challenge. It will just be like digging through Greek or Hebrew, not that I really know how to do that. I know how to use a Strong's and Young's and all that tiny writing really gets to me. But get enough facts ( that sound good) and put them together just right and when you talk about the subject matter everyone thinks you are quite the scholar.

As much as I would LOVE to give you an update about our trip to Trussville, AL, there are more pressing matters that must be addressed. I just read this week in the Southern Baptist Texan about the new homemaking degree being offered by that institution of male bonding and ministry producing machine, Southwestern Theological Seminary. To think a busy man like President Paige Patterson takes time from what is surely a busy schedule of meetings and is thinking of all those precious young women who are praying about entering the ministry. I believe he has such a tender and soft heart for women and issues facing women cause he has a woman's name, Paige. A degree that includes, Western Thought and Culture, Greek, Latin, textile design and clothing construction, the intricacies of bagless vacuum cleaners, Pledge or make the decision, Easy Off Oven cleaner is it a blessing or a curse, and a historical look at modern appliances. The historical look at modern appliances is an apologetics course seeking to find the truth, should we do it like back in the day, use rocks and rivers for washing clothes, chop wood for our stoves and chip blocks of ice for refrigeration. This course is better known as, "What Would Martha Do?"

My feeling are so hurt that Dr. Paigeboy, as I like to call him, hasn't asked Gerti and I to be professors in this Master's degree program. We have been teaching women for years how to be penurious in the home and in Sunday School. Our lives in the past 20 years has been dedicated in demonstrating how to use Nativity Cookies all year long to tell the stories of the Bible. We even demonstrated how to take an ordinary shoe tree and make it into a lovely Christmas tree by using everyday items found around the home. Yet, no call from Patty Paige.

What surprises me is this, the degree program is only for women! Why I am sure there are a lot of male students enrolled in the Music degree program there at SWBT who would love to participate in this and have a double major.

Of course SWBT has acknowledged there were women in the Bible who were not all about the home, Deborah was a judge, Esther, who saved the whole Jewish nation from extinction (good thing she gave time to this endeavor instead of trying to finish up a sewing project), Lydia who was a business woman in Acts, Mary who devoted her life to knowing and worshipping Jesus, and the Proverbs 31 woman who is doing business deals. A reliable source inform me that SWBT chose to overlook these women as role models just like they choose for overlook key verses about men, such as fathers don't exasperate your children. This source gave the example of a Deacon whose children are well mannered and not wild and the verse that men everywhere should pray and lift holy hands. It is a well known fact that many men believe pray is women's ministry.

Oh the joy I can only imagine for the graduates of this homemaking degree in the future. While mopping the floors she can not only make them shine, but tell you the present active Greek wording and meaning for water, labor = shine. Imagine this precious young woman dressed like June Cleaver going through the Hebrew alphabet while polishing the few pieces of silver she received as wedding gifts.

This emphasis in course curriculum has not been offered since 1909. Shame, shame Paigeipoo. Ed and I were talking about all this last night. He said the statics show that more women than men attend church on Sundays. That women are more inclined to volunteer and to sacrifice their time and money for the greater good for the Body of Christ. He said that some men when facing the fact that women are making inroads into the traditionally male bastions decide to make rules and put restrictions on others and that they don't take a long, hard and prayerful look into their own lives and weakness. Weakness that must be surrendered to the Lord and to ask for His strength. Ed said to some men, going to church is like going hunting without a gun. What's the purpose if the power of the Gospel is watered down so that the moving of God is only welcomed in salvation, baptism, and giving.

Oh I hope that SWBT also looks into some much needed courses for women who work outside the home as assistants, admins, and coordinators for ministers in the church. Sometimes that is even an unpaid position or in some cases the job that pastor's wives have to assume, as well as run a home and raise children.

They need to also investigate some much needed emphasis for the men. Subject matter could include, Duct tape usage, minor plumbing repairs, how to entertain the children for an hour without using sugar or TV, and how to buy thoughtful gifts for wives...well there are just too many good ideas to list right now.

Paige, know this, Gerti and I are available to come teach. We don't want tenure and we can discuss salaries. Now, I am off to do laundry. I think I am going to pretend that I have my Master's Diploma in Homemaking from SWBT hanging over my washer and dryer. As I sort socks, my whole mindset will be on Western Thought and Culture.

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